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Music .. what happened to it?

musicSometimes I feel really old (even tho I’m only 21) mostly when it comes to tastes in music. I love all the music before the synth age started (late 80’s) the drummer who’s imperfect tempo made it sound so perfect, the instruments flowing with the rhythm (mostly the baseline) and the singer who had so much soul in he’s voice that it would’ve give you chills. Nowadays it’s all synths, dull base lines and 808’s (which I personally hate) and some guy screaming Yoouu or a girl that shakes her ass more than she actually sings (Everybody loves a fat ass but, keep the ass for playboy and the voice for MTV).soulja_boy

  • If you’re a male Add two more rhymes (preferably about haters,ho’s,bitches,money,cars) to that and you’re there for the win you have the biggest chances to go platinum and become an international icon for retardness…
  • If you are a female and don’t have a big ass/titties/overall good looks, music is not for you, “the voice is just a bonus” just adds more chances to become a industry “singer”…

If you don’t believe me .. I have a question !… how many people of you heard of Jill Scott, Angie Stone or Erykah Badu and how many people heard of Beyonce? You see, the over-industrialization of art diminishes the quality.Universal-Music Actually money equals bad news as the profits grow the greed grows as well that’s why styles like the underground Rap keep they’re quality while the mainstream continously looses it. Soon we’ll just hear a couple of drums and a retard screaming over a track. NaS wasn’t right when he said that Hip Hop is dead… instead he should’ve said that music is dead !

Resources (support artists – buy original albums !!!):

Erykah Badu Jill Scott album art Angie_Stone-Stone_hits

In the end music and generally art is a matter of taste but unfortunately media controls what we like or not playing over and over the same song will eventually force you to like it !!!

Truly Yours,

DJ Lost Stylez

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