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Mass-Media = Mind Control ?

channels1I know this sounds just like another conspiracie theory but nowadays mass-media really changes masses perspectives (some kind of mind control) over things … Let’s take a quick glance over the overly mediated world economic crisis. As you know it all started with a couple of banks crashing and next the media all around the world started talking about the effects and the future effects of a “world economic crisis” suddenly paranoia started going into investors and people that had money in banks (or wanted to put some money in the bank) so the investors stopped investing and people started withdrawing they’re money from the bank moneyleaving the banks short in liquiditys) witch actually amplified the effects of the crisis worldwide. We already know what are the effects of publicity mostly on old/less intelligent people and kids, but I’m not talking about publicity I’m mostly aimed at the news in all the forms and shapes that they come (newspapers, TV Channels, news sites etc.). Now they’re messing pigup peoples minds with the swine flu and making people that a new Dark age (for those of you that don’t know this is the age of the bubonic plague) is coming overrating the whole disease, yes indeed the swine influenza is dangerous *it’s a disease !!…. duh* but is just a little more dangerous than a common flu (both of them can become deadly if they aren’t treated) and by the way swine flu actually has nothing to do with pigs because no one knows it’s source (like we don’t know ! but let’s just presume that it mutated by itself) . So to end this quick I’ll do it with a question for you : “Do they control us ?”

(Note : “Everything on this page Is my personal

opinion so I’m not beeing impartial !”)

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