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E = mc² (Mass–energy equivalence).. what does it mean ?

In order to find out what it means we must first understand what the terms (E, m and c ) represent : Basic Atom

E – Energy

m – mass

c – the speed of light (~ 300.000  km/s not as fast as you thought)

From now on things should become pretty self-explanatory… From this we find out that everything that has mass has energy stored in it, 1 gram has about 21.5 billion kilo-calories (that’s a lot of workout) or 21.5 kilotons of  TNT (that’s what I would call a bang) actually that’s the equivalent of the NagasakiNagasaki picture bomb, so every gram of you has the potential of the Hiroshima.

The formula also shows that the faster you go the bigger you’re mass is therefore you require more energy to sustain your speed or accelerate (this is also proved by a fat guy trying to run *bad joke*), so the more you accelerate the more gas you’ll need (and trust me we’re talkin’ about  a lot of money judging by the current gas prices)

Unfortunately the first non-theoretical proofs of the mass-energy equivalence are Hiroshima and Nagasaki… Anyways, the future sounds promissing but antimatterscary because we found a way to harvest the whole energy from a atom (the question is : To do or not to do ?  judging by what the humanity did last time they found a big energy source) by mixing anti-matter with matter, so 1 gram of “you”  + 1 gram of “anti-you” would result in the equivalent of 2 Nagasaki bombs, the question remains where can we find “anti-you’s “(anti-matter) the answer is “Space … the final frontier !” (lol at the stupid Star Trek joke I’m quite bitter lately) or we can produce it and test it in the particle accelerators (like the controversial CERN)

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