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Where is the food ?

Restaurant Food 2Sooo.. I was watching last night on Discovery Travel and Living (I couldn’t sleep and found nothing interesting at 2 AM) this show about fancy foods and remembered one of the oldest questions I have… WHERE IS THE FOOD ?Where Is The food ?… I understand that rich people are always on diet but the more expensive the food is the lesser food it is on the plate.  I would whoop chef’s and Waiter’s ass if they come with 10% of the food I payed for. Sometimes it looks like an unwashed plate and the wine glass always looks like someone already drank out of it (probably that’s how the waiter’s invented this trend). I know that I sound kind of retarded but … really … this question never crossed your mind?

I think that the only things that really reflect the prices are the quality of the food and the relaxed atmosphere but still.. if you’re hungry and looking for a quick meal go for McDonald’s or any other fast-food would do it because McDonald’s is pretty expensive in the eastern Europe by the way.

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